Simon and Girlfunkel

An evening celebrating the music of Simon & Garfunkel as performed by Belle of theFall

Belle of the Fall has toured the country singing their songs that are filled with two part harmony. As one can imagine, there is a bit of down time between shows when driving from city to city. The duo travels with a mini guitar that Julia plays while Tracy drives. Topass time on the road they sing harmony. Much of the fun for Belle of the Fall comes from learning the songs. And who better to challenge a vocal duo than Simon & Garfunkel. They try to learn a song every time they hit the road. And they hit the road a lot. Before they knew it a few Simon & Garfunkel songs turned in to 20, and the idea was born to play shows as Simon & Girlfunkel.

The show comes from a place of loving the music and harmonies of Simon & Garfunkel.First and foremost Belle of the Fall are fans of the music. They set out to honor the songs, yet these aren’t jukebox versions. Tracy plays upright bass and sings most of thePaul parts, while Julia plays guitar and sings the Art parts. Immediately you will notice that Julia is female and Tracy is the taller of the two, so the idea of creating a tribute show that made you think you were actually seeing Simon & Garfunkel was out of the question. What you can expect is to have some laughs, and hear some beautiful harmonies with the unique twist that Belle of the Fall puts on any music they play

Tor Krautter

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